Traveler of the Month: Sany Guest

Traveler Name: Sany (aka Sunny) Guest

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Occupation: Artistic Entrepreneur and Server

Trips with FnEZ: Caribbean RetreatFinal Fiesta 

Countries traveled to otherwise: Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Portugal, U.S.A., and the Yukon should count. That place may as well be a whole other planet.


Why do you travel: Fortunately, I had no choice and contracted the travel bug early. I was adopted from Brazil when I was a year old and grew up hearing I was from a faraway land. That kind of sparked a fairy tale obsession with seeing new places. But ultimately, I travel for my own sanity. Being stuck in familiar routines has no place in my life, which makes me your typical Saggittarian (heyyyoo). I get a lot of my creative energy and happiness from meeting new walks of life, which always make the best of stories to share. I also travel because meeting so many different people has made me more empathetic and uninhibited, and I love being able to lead others out of their shell because of that. So I guess traveling brings out the best in me.

Favourite travel memory with FnEZ: We were all at Playa Escameca, staying at Casa Horizon in Nicaragua after New Year’s. I had taken a nap that evening thinking I was going to take the night off (first mistake).

But as I awoke from the dead at around 1 a.m., I saw flashing lights and heard booming music without a single one of my roomies in sight. So I thought to myself “I’ll just pop in to hang out a bit then go back to bed” (second mistake). I walked along the rocky mountain side trying hard to not crack my head open as I made my way towards the bar. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t woken up still a little out of it from spending that day on the Catamaran.

I rounded the corner and saw every group member and FnEZ staff in colourful spandex with cheerleader pigtails. I’m not even kidding when I say everyone, besides the ones without long enough hair, had pigtails. I was laughing my head off as one of my friends came over and without a word did my hair, and handed me some Tiger Balm (which is Asia’s version of VapoRub) yelling in my ear over the music “PUT THIS ALL OVER YOUR BODY”.

That was one of a hundred bizarre moments that happened on Final Fiesta, and I am forever thankful that I wrote them all down. Read more about Sany’s experience with FnEZ.


Top 3 items you can’t travel without: Speakers, a cool costume, and my journal.  It isn’t a party until someone’s got the music, every party needs some weirdo walking around dressed like an animal, and what good are memories if you can’t write them down to share them?

Next bucket list item you NEED to check off: This has been a fantasy of mine since I was little, and I’m not above knocking it off the list at 23!  My next bucket list item is to literally be a pirate in the Caribbean. It’s one of my favourite movie series besides Harry Potter. I am a complete child at heart, and my goals are very simple. Grab a bottle of aged rum to drink with my crew, throw on my tricorn hat, lace up the corset, and man the ship as we sail off into the sunset (…a catamaran or Marlon’s dingy will do).


Any future travel plans: Final Fiesta, and then off to the land of smiles: Thailand! Asia, I will be on you like Sriracha on mayo, like stamps on a passport, like rice on sushi, like mud on an elephant.

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