Traveler of the Month: Sarah Bennett

Traveler Name: Sarah Bennett

Hometown: Bowmanville, Ontario

Occupation: Graphic Design Student at Durham College

Trips with FNEZ: 20-day Vietnam “A Cultural Paradise,” 10-day Indonesia “Bali & The Gili Islands

Why I Travel: Some people are so poor, all they have is money. I do not want to be one of those people, I want to live my life to the fullest and see as much of this earth we are so lucky to call home as I can… traveling is now my life.


Favorite Travel Experience: Cruising the coast on motorbikes in Vietnam. Vietnam was way more incredible than I expected…. it is by far my favourite country I have visited to date. The day we went on the motor bikes was a day I will never forget. I knew the travel day was going to be amazing, and I was going to see some things I would always remember but I didn’t know just how amazing it would be. This video doesn’t come close to showing you just how amazing that day was. The sun was on us, we had the wind in our hair (legit) and we could play our own music and just be in the moment. The beauty I saw was unimaginable…truly something you have to do for yourself, I have never come across or experienced a travel day just like this…I think this is what makes the FnEZ Vietnam trip one of a kind… I wish I could do it all over again.

Must Have Item While Traveling: I’m realizing I must have hot sauce, peanut butter and nutella…oh and a GoPro!

Any Tips for First Time Travelers Heading to Vietnam? DON’T PACK A LOT OF CLOTHES! 1. There is SO MUCH to buy, and 2. it is the hottest place I have ever been. Also, I found it to be a lot cheaper than the rest of Southeast Asia, so you can get a lot for your dollar. P.S. They have the best iced coffee ever!

Future Travel Plans: I’m heading to Ireland in just a few weeks and will be traveling to South Africa with Free & Easy in May!

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