Traveler of the Month: Sarah McGinnis

Traveler Name: Sarah McGinnis

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Occupation: Waitress/Nursing Student


Trips with FnEZ: 25-day LTC (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia): A Backpackers Dreamand 20-day Vietnam: A Cultural Paradise 

Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Spain, France, Cuba and the United States

Why I travel: I travel to broaden my horizon and watch myself grow as a new person in a different part of the world. From the beginning to the end of my trip I can see how my values change and how my smile becomes just a little bigger.  I return to my home as a new person who feels as though they can conquer any and everything, plus having a beer on the beach just makes everything a little better.


My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: My favourite memory with FnEZ would have to be river tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos. A few others and I didn’t catch the memo to go to the next river bar but rather keep floating don. We eventually made it all the way down the river and back to the town before dark. We didn’t pass up taking full advantage of a rickety old bridge crossing to a very unknown little bar. Thinking back now, it was probably someone’s house!

My most embarrassing travel story: During the LTC on the last leg of the trip we had to go through Ban Huai Kon (also known as border town). I was so paranoid about losing my passport that I threw it back into my backpack once we went through the first round of security. It didn’t occur to me that we hadn’t actually crossed the border back into Thailand yet. Well, my passport was in the tuk tuk in Thailand while I’m still standing in Laos looking like an idiot. While everyone is handing their passports over to be checked, I’m frantically ripping apart my bag looking for the little thing. Safe to say, I lost a few “smart points” in front of my friends, not to mention the Thai officials!


3 Items I can’t travel without: Headphones, cards and my knock-off North Face jacket

Why I love traveling with FnEZ: As someone who wanted to travel the world but didn’t know how, Free & Easy made it so comfortable and safe to take on this new adventure. And for someone who hadn’t had a lot of traveling experience prior, I couldn’t ask for much more. The people on each of these trips are family now. If I were to see any of them just casually walking down the street, we’d be able to pick up exactly where we left off!

Next Bucket list item I have to check off: 1000000% Nica News Years with all my Toronto LTC girls, no one I’d rather ring in 2018 with those crazies.

My future travel plans: My biggest travel goal for 2018 is to travel over to Europe and see the incredible beaches in Greece and Croatia. Looks too insane to pass up!

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