Traveler(s) of the Month: TFF Edition!

Traveler Names: Shannon Roberts & Erika Wolff

Hometown(s): Shannon hails from Peterborough and Erika was born in Erin, Ontario.

Occupation(s): Erika is currently working as a bartender in the Toronto Pearson Airport, while Shannon is working at the Elk & Oarsmen out in Banff.

Where They Met: On a 20-day Thailand trip with Free & Easy

What stands out as the moment you knew you had found your TFF in each other?

Shannon: The moment that stands out most to me is when Erika and I somehow ended up together having pizza the very first day of the trip and we found out we had the exact same crescent moon necklace, I think I knew right then that this was gunna be something special! We also bonded over the fact that we had both come on the trip solo, looking for a new adventure and an escape from the bad breakups we both had recently dealt with.

Erika: It was only our second day in Bangkok. The group had a few hours for free time for shopping and lunch. Shannon and I paired up and decided we would drink Chang and eat Pizza at the Wild Orchid. We started chatting & getting to know each other when I noticed her crescent moon necklace. In that moment I yelled “OH MY GOD I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ONE!!!”… Little did we know the both of us would be leaving Thailand with matching moon tattoos. 


We hear that opposites attract…but is that the case with you guys? Or are you more “travel twins”? 

Shannon: I would 100% without a doubt say we are travel twins! We roomed together the whole trip, and never had any disagreements on anything. We honestly were attached at the hip, hence why the whole team just called us both ‘Sherika’ because whatever you said to one usually applied to other one too and we were always right beside each other anyways. We were both just so excited for a new adventure every day our energy would rub off on each other. We left no time for either of us to be down or lazy. I think that’s what I loved most about spending my time in Thailand with Erika, she reminded me how to love my life and live it to the fullest.

Erika: Shannon and I are definitely TRAVEL TWINS. By our first night we were finishing each others sentences, singing the same songs…and the FnEZ group actually renamed us “Sherika” since  they kept mixing the two of us up. We’re basically the same human. 


Erika, what would you say Shannon’s funniest/most embarrassing travel story would be?! Shannon…same question about Erika 😉 

Shannon: I’m going to have to admit that Erika’s most embarrassing/funny moment is also actually mine, (of course I mean we were never not together) But it would definitely be on the booze boat cruise in Koh Phi Phi. Our whole group was floating around on rafts in the water around the boat, and Erika and I had decided to stay aboard. We wandered up to the front, above where they were, and thinking we’d be funny we started to rein-act the romantic ‘tip of the boat’ scene from the Titanic, but the song that we simultaneously began to belt out ended up being Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you” and not the Celine Dion song from the movie. Our whole group burst out in laughter, and the boat beside ours yelled over “wrong song!!” in front of everyone.

Erika: Shannon’s funniest/most embarrassing travel story hands down would be the day we sailed through the Koh Phi Phi islands. Everyone was jumping off the boat and floating around in the ocean… When Shannon decided to get up on the front of the boat to start twerking (she’s the best at it). Being her TFF I got up there to join her. A twerk off soon turned into the two of us having a Jack and Rose titanic moment. Then the funniest thing happened. We started singing in unison… But it wasn’t titanic’s theme song “my heart will go on”. It was Whitney Houstons “and I will always love you!!” I’ve never laughed so hard. Leave it up to Sherika to get the titanic song wrong…together.

** FnEZ would like to take this chance to note how adorable we think it is that so far, Shannon & Erika have given the exact same answers. Travel twins indeed!**


If you could choose one song to describe your relationship, what would it be?

Shannon: Can I say that Whitney Houston song ^ should probably be it? Haha!

Erika: If I had to choose one song to describe our relationship, it would be “The Sherika Song” written by Nieva Burns. She wrote it for the both of us and we kept the original paper… Shannon has one half & I have the other.

What is your dream trip (that obviously, you will take together)? Any future travel plans?

Shannon: I would love to go to Europe with Erika, any of Free and Easy’s Mediterranean trips sound like they’d be right up our alley! I can picture us now both in floppy hats in a cafe overlooking the sea, talking about our future adventures. I wouldn’t want to experience it with anyone else by my side.

Erika: My next dream trip would be Free & Easy’s Yacht Week through Croatia. I can’t think of anything better than sailing through the Mediterranean with my TFF. Afterall, some of our finest moments happened on boats 🙂


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