Travelers of the Month: The Soleil Sisters

Travelers Names:

Kass Chiarello & Sam Alcock aka The Soleil Sisters


Kass: Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

Sam: Calgary, Alberta  


Kass: Public relations student by day, bartender by night

Sam:  Currently working at a hospital while possessing a piece of paper commemorating my psychology degree. 

Both: full time apprentices of pranking. (Pranking mentor: Winston Bishop)


Trips with FnEZ:

We met on an LTC 25 Free and Easy Trip in 2015. Kass continued on to do the 20 day Southern Thailand trip while Sam continued on in South East Asia occasionally meeting up with the group. Then we reunited for the 20 Day FnEZ Peru trip in May 2016, and we just got back from ringing in 2017 at the Final Fiesta in Nicaragua

Other countries visited: 

Kass: United States, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Scotland, Ireland, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Italy.

Sam: Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, England, France, United States, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Peru, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama.


Why do I travel:

We travel to have the coolest instagram feeds of anyone we know. Also hot men with exotic accents and surf boards. And stray puppies. 

Kass: I travel so that I can annoy Sam on the regular with my pathetic attempts at pranks, and so that I can fall asleep on different dirty floors and hammocks all over the world in peace and no one will think twice about it. I find that no matter where I go I discover new things about myself from all of the crazy, mind blowing experiences I have along the way. So I guess you could say I’ve become addicted to traveling because it brings me to places i’ve never been before, whether that’s mentally or physically. Being able to meet new people from different places around the world on a daily basis is probably my favourite thing of all though – the friendships you gain along the way are absolutely invaluable, and no one ever notices how many days in a row I’ve worn the same shirt which is pretty cool.

Sam: I travel because my friends at home don’t want to continually tell me about their hopes, dreams, feelings and fears while strangers in hostels seem to be much more willing to do this. I’ve learnt more about people, culture, and the world in my time with my backpack than my years in university. I’ve got a bit of a photobook habit, and my continual travel keeps the photos fresh and my stories interesting. Plus slowly learning more languages helps me to hit a wider audience with my poorly received jokes. The views, thrills, food, wildlife, and moments that take my breath away also don’t hurt the cause.


Favourite FnEZ travel memory:

Camping out in the Peruvian desert, hot air ballooning in Laos, meeting a baby alpaca, bungee jumping in Thailand, dressing up as party animals for the Surf Ranch pool party in Nicaragua, watching the sunset in Mag Rock with all our new best friends? Or every single long bus ride that has included a box of wine.. Or two? The list could literally go on forever. It’s impossible to pick just one.

Most hilarious/embarrassing travel story:

Anyone that knows us knows that we typically get up to antics on a regular basis simply because of our lack of grace and tendency to not plan things in advance. Sometimes it all works out for us and things are great, but other times things don’t quite go as planned and it’s even greater because we end up embarrassing ourselves, making for a great story to share at times like this.

You see, just recently we arrived in San Juan del Sur on Christmas eve and were quickly greeted by the beautiful staff at Hola Ola hostel who invite us to a casual beach BBQ. After a long 12 hour travel day with nothing but the remnants of a banana eaten at 3 am that day left in our stomachs, we were hesitant at first. If you know either of us at all it should come to no surprise that obviously, with little convincing, we changed our minds and were throwing back teki balls with the hostel staff to take the edge off. 

So we hop into a truck in rough shape and roll up to a beautiful private beach. When BAM a boat filled with so many of our FnEZ friends also pulls up. All we can say is this ‘casual beach BBQ’ also had ‘casual open bar rum’, which quickly ‘casually’ turned into Sam tucked into bed at 7pm with more hats, sunglasses, and beach toys then she went to the beach with and Kass partying the night away to later crawl into bed trying to feed a sleeping Sam dinner. 

We woke up the next day to Kass cuddling Sam with one arm and cradling her plate of leftovers in the other, and Sam with more sand in her glorious locks than on the beaches of all of Central America. And that is how you celebrate Christmas in Nicaragua. San Juan, you will forever have taken a piece of both our souls. Needless to say we quickly escaped to Granada for a break at a Chocolate Spa before the madness of the Final Fiesta. 

(PRO TIP: never underestimate the power of a bar with open rum, and never allow Sam to mix drinks).


Three things we can’t travel without:

1. Peanut butter (can’t travel without, can’t live without… it’s all the same)

2. Burt (our trusty GoPro companion) 

3. Kass’ uke and Sam’s pan flute (or whatever instrument she’s currently failing to play) 

What do I love about travelling with FnEZ?:

We think it goes without saying that the best part about traveling with FnEZ is the unbelievable family you gain along the way. There’s something so differentabout the way that FnEZ immerses you into the cultures of the countries you’re traveling in verses other travel companies, and that not only gives you an epic experience, but makes the bonding you do with other group members that much deeper.

We often call ourselves the FnEZ babies, because the entire reason we even had the chance to meet was because we were on the same LTC tour in 2015. Buckets were drank, dance parties were had, full moon parties were experienced, and the next thing we knew we were planning our next escape to Central and South America together. The rest is history. So you can bet we’d agree that FnEZ changed our lives for the better.



Next bucket list item you NEED to check off:

Kass: Jumping out of a plane in a beautiful place with my travel soul sister. Animal onesie is necessary. A parachute would also be cool. 

Sam: A ride in a helicopter or move to a new country on a working holiday visa with my travel soulmate. 

Future travel plans:

We’d love to do the FnEZ South Africa trip. We have also been working on the logistics of a year long voyage dependant on an improvement in Sam’s spanish fluency, the portability of Kass’ video editing supplies or acquiring an Australian working visa. We also have plans to tour all of South America and Europe eventually. Also an Alaskan cruise. And probably anything anyone ever tells us about. The list is always growing.


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