What FnEZ’s “Lifetime Deposit Guarantee” Really Means

What does FnEZ’s Risk-Free Lifetime Deposit Guarantee REALLY mean? Read on for a clear, plain explanation:

So you want to sign up for that trip…but you don’t have the money: we’ve all been there, the addiction is real!

Luckily for you, Free and Easy offers easy, interest-free, payment plans. That means you can sign up for that amazing trip you’ve been literally dreaming about, and pay it off at your own pace. Or you can use our pre-set payment plans that are made with a student budget in mind.

Sound like exactly what you’re looking for? We thought so. We’ve always brought real, honest travel to people on a budget, and we know how hard it can be to save. FnEZ has your back!

All you need to secure your spot, is a Risk-Free $200 deposit with a Lifetime Guarantee!

So why do we call it Risk-Free and what does Lifetime Guarantee mean?


Your $200 deposit reserves your spot on your dream trip. It also secures your price. So if you book at a sale price, that’s the price you’re getting!

BUT: If something happens and you aren’t able to make the trip after all, your deposit is simply turned into FnEZ credit which can be used towards any of our trips, and it’s good for life!


For example: you sign up for our award-winning 20-day trip in Thailand: A Dose of Paradise for next May, and put down your $200 deposit, but then: you have to take summer classes (or management changed their mind about your vacation time, or you finally got that job you’ve been applying for, or you want to go on the 20-day Indonesia trip instead of Thailand)! Oh no! What is there to do?

Simply shoot us an email, tell us you’re going in September instead, or saving it until you graduate in 2019, or whatever change you need to make, and that $200 is transferred to your new trip and it’s already partly paid off (or it’s simply kept as credit if you’re not sure exactly when you’ll be able to go yet). Easy as that! 


So go ahead

Book that trip knowing that your deposit isn’t going to waste, make small payments throughout the year, and BOOM, you won’t even realize you’re on a fully paid-off trip by the time you’re boarding the plane! Trust us: that’s a damn good feeling.

On top of all that, if you happen to find a tour with similar inclusions and the same trip length for a better price, we’ll match it!


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