What You Need To Know About Greece

The Med team is always telling people how epic Greece is, but it’s not until people actually get there that they realize what we mean. Maybe this interview with the leading team in Greece mixed with pictures from their current May 2018 Greece Trip will paint a picture for you! Keep in mind, this could be you in June or July! We have a few spots available on both of these trips and they are sure to be just as amazing!

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The FnEZ Perspective: Why Greece?

Carrie: It always blows people’s expectations out of the water. It has EVERYTHING you want. Amazing food, stellar parties, unreal beaches. And there’s more than that too! The hikes, the water sports, the diving… It’s a true paradise!

Evan: I love traveling Greece because of how welcoming the locals are! They always greet you with a smile and there is little to no language barrier. If there is, they are almost always willing to try and figure it out with you using hand signals and translation apps.

 Jimi: ***Too busy eating delicious gyros, talking to beautiful girls, and drinking sangria to answer
Sangria on a beach in Greece

The FnEZ Perspective: Why do you love traveling Greece in a group?

Carrie: I fell in love with group travel on a Free & Easy trip to Greece. Now I work there. True story. It’s no secret that we have the best groups and best leaders in the field. We have fun wherever we go, the leaders plan all of your accommodations and transportation, and the itinerary is still flexible so you don’t feel like you’re on a structured itinerary. What’s not to love?

Evan: Traveling in a group through Greece is great because we are a traveling party, it doesn’t matter if the bar we go into has nobody in it, we fill it up ourselves!

Jimi: Greece is amazing to do with a group because of the moments you get to share with new friends. The big Greek meals with your big new family, the days by the beach where even silent company is felt, and the late night adventures where you might need a few people to collaborate the story in the morning.

Walking down the streets of Greece

The FnEZ Perspective: What are your favourite top 3 activities on the trip?

Carrie: Partying in Ios is just such a good time, it’s a highlight of each of my trips. I also love the road trip we do around Rhodes, hitting up beaches allll day. And finally, this might sound kind of silly, but hitting the water park in Rhodes is amazing. You feel like a kid again, especially with your travel buddies.

Evan: Number one for me is the River Hike in Crete. It’s a hike like no other hike you have done. To sum up the hike, we go to a river that is about knee deep and we simply start hiking up the river bed. Everything you bring will get wet and the beauty of the hike is you are so focused on your next footstep that it forces all other thoughts out of your mind. #2 is for sure ATVing in Santorini, it’s one of the best ways to experience Santorini. #3 is just the good ol’ Sunsets – They happen every day but rarely do we take the time in our busy lives to stop and enjoy the sunset. There is nothing better than sitting down with a beer at sunset and getting to know new friends.

Jimi: My top 3 specific activities would come down to:

The Waterfall trip in Crete. Of all the hikes we do across Greece, and of the 3 we do in Crete alone, the one down a gorge to finish by swimming up a river to a huge waterfall tops it. It blows my mind every time.

ATVing in Santorini. When the island is on a volcano an ATV is the best way to reach the spots that the public transport can’t reach. I love it not for the thrill of ripping around but the views we reach overlooking the caldera and past all the vineyards.
Kayaking in Ios. Even though it’s my favourite place to party, a paddle during the day is a great way to freshen up and sweat out the previous nights residual fun. Ios is full of amazing beaches, and some so pretty that they’re not quite
accessible by other methods.
Viewpoint in Greece

The FnEZ Perspective: What do you think people are most surprised about on our trip?

 Carrie: I think they are shocked at how chill and easy going the group atmosphere is. They get the freedom to do what they want and then hang out with their 15 new best friends all the time. What more could you ask for?

Evan: How good the tomatoes are! Its hard to articulate just how good the tomatoes are in Greece, time and time again people say they don’t normally eat tomatoes but they love the tomatoes in Greece

Jimi: Haha, probably how much fun we have! Honestly, we’re so chill, Greece is so amazing, and we just want to have a good time, so it rubs off on everyone else. Join us!

Merman on a beach in Greece

The FnEZ Perspective: What kind of trip would you consider our Greece 20 days?

Carrie: I’d say it’s a whirlwind of everything I’ve ever wanted in a vacation. Beaches, hikes, amazing people, fun nights out, adrenaline pumping activities, and just good old fashioned travel!

Evan: I would say the trip is adventurous and chill, while we have lots of hikes, water sports, and cliff jumping, there is plenty of time for you to sit back and enjoy the laid-back pace of Greece in a taverna or on the beach.

Jimi: I’d consider Greece a far more adventurous and fun place than people usually expect. Before I first came it was hard to imagine Greece as anything but a Santorini postcard but now I don’t think of that even when I’m thinking of Santorini because I know how much more it has to truly offer.

Coastline hike in Greece

The FnEZ Perspective: What is the biggest misconception about Greece?

Carrie: I think people see Greece as a couple’s paradise, or that you’ll be whisked away by a sexy local on a vespa. While it is a sexy country, and the locals are super nice, it’s also an epic place for solo travelers. There’s a great backpacker scene and everyone is so friendly! So bring the gang to Greece!

Evan: The biggest misconception about Greece, in my opinion, is that all the buildings are white with blue doors. While there is a lot of them (I have even considered moving to Greece and starting a business that only sells white and blue paint), there are many places that look different, more rustic and local. When you travel Greece with FnEZ you will find that places like Plakias and Rhodes have a much different look than the postcards. It’s a pleasant surprise!

Jimi: For me the biggest misconception about Greece is that the locals are kind of lazy and sit around eating food all day. They do eat a lot of food but that is because it’s amazing and healthier than it may seem. Greece is also quite a seasonal country in terms of tourism and farming. When the time is right, Greeks work twice as hard to make up for the quieter months, but they also work to sustain a relaxed lifestyle that allows them to enjoy the beautifully developed culture they have created. They enjoy the time they don’t spend at work and when you take a step back it’s easy to see that they achieve their goal, to enjoy their lives.

Beach days in Greece

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